Thursday, August 25, 2005

No, this is not an impersonator, this is the one and only Elvis. I am not kidding. $30 can get you photoshopped right in.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Graceland Mansion

Chloe's new friend Elvis

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


this picture is worth 1000 words. Posted by Picasa

Chloe ordered a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. Posted by Picasa

Chloe's favorite site was the Pink Caddy Posted by Picasa

Elvis's pool. Posted by Picasa

Elvis ate here. Posted by Picasa

Finally! We arrived at the heartbreak hotel! Posted by Picasa

The drive is over 3 hours from Memphis to Nashville. Posted by Picasa

Goodbye Nashville. Posted by Picasa

Texas Plates

Everyone kept telling us what part of Texas they were from...we were confused until we realized that our rental car had Texas plates. Which is pretty funny...for many reasons. Posted by Picasa

Chloe's dream come true...minus the raisin toast. Posted by Picasa

Early cup of hot chocolate. Posted by Picasa

Elvis' grave Posted by Picasa

Grammy Posted by Picasa

Nashville Posted by Picasa

Chloe Posted by Picasa

Chloe & Grandma

Chloe & Grandma

Thursday : Airport

At the airport AFTER we missed our 6:30 am flight...

Chloe's Summer Vacation

So...Chloe chose to go to Graceland for her summer vacation this year. I am not sure if she knew what she was in for. We also invited my Grandma to go, as a thank you for taking care of Chloe this summer while I worked so much. We flew into Memphis on Thursday, August 18, and then drove to Nashville. In Nashville, we got to see Neil Young at a special, by invitation-only concert at Ryman Auditorium. We went back to Memphis on Saturday where we visited Graceland and Elvis' automobile and airplane museums. We also made our own documentary on hunting for Elvis's ghost...until we scared ourselves enough to call it off. We had a great time...and hope you enjoy some of the photos we took.